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At Clarke Delta we survey, design, and install creative engineered products for both internal and external applications. These include:


  • Commercial

    It is evident that the commercial sector is performing well, the amount of construction work being completed in major cities is always a key indicator.

  • Education

    Government funding in the education sector means that many educational facilities will be updated, and many more will be built.

  • Health

    The demand for healthcare in the United Kingdom will always mean that budgets are tight, creative product solutions are always required to improve healthcare facilities.

  • Hospitality & Leisure

    A period of growth is certainly due in the hospitality and leisure industry, although customers are now demanding more for their money. Facilities must be economically designed, whilst also providing a repertoire of amenities.

  • Mental Health

    Increased mental health awareness, means an increase in demand for mental health facilities. The sector requires environments to be created with the safety of all in-mind.

  • Residential

    A constant increase in the UK population will always mean that the residential sector has to perform at astonishing rates. Modern methods of construction are being adapted to enable the sector to catch-up with the demand.


At Clarke Delta, we are not content with just supplying proactive, innovative products, to high-quality levels, we believe the customer experience is as important as the product. We can provide a service shaped to suit your project needs from an initial enquiry to delivery of customised materials onsite.

Site Consultation & Surveys

We believe in ensuring our products are tailored to suit our client’s environment, we offer site consultations where a thorough site survey can also be conducted. All specific cut-out detail can be recorded, and then programmed into manufacture preventing the needs for site alterations. Our tailored products can offer a better quality of finish, and reduce costs by improving installation rates.

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Welcome to Clarke Delta

At Clarke Delta we survey, design, and supply creative engineered products for both internal and external applications. These include:

We offer polyester powder coating (PPC), as our preferred finishing method due to the quality of finish, full range of RAL colours and finishes available, scratch resistance, and a key factor being the environmental advantages. Other finishing options are available including brushed stainless or aluminium, and anodizing. When the environment dictates a need to reduce the spread of harmful bacteria, we can supply products finished with an antibacterial coating proven to obstruct growth of bacteria.

Our products are utilised throughout the major sectors including commercial, education, health, hospitality & leisure, mental health, residential, retail, and transport & infrastructure. We recognise the importance of supplying products that meet the needs of our customers, and fully appreciate their feedback as it helps us to continually improve the products we offer. We help our clients overcome technical challenges that they face, and enjoy the natural partnership that occurs when we work alongside them.

Our involvement supports the full project team from architects trying to ensure our products complement the build, to installers requesting some technical support on the installation. Our expertise in both manufacturing and construction allows us to overcome many of the challenges faced within a competitive marketplace.

As a midlands based company we are in a central location to meet with customers all over the UK. We always work on building long term relationships with our customer, and place great emphasis on interacting with the customers directly. Our technical expertise can be used either over the phone, using technology, or we can conduct site surveys to ensure products are tailored to suit the environment.

When you develop products to suit customer’s individual requirements ‘the devil is definitely in the detail’, which is where our expertise becomes essential. Product design, site surveying, risk and method statements, product manufacturing, operation and maintenance, technical assistance, customer support, value engineering are all areas that we specialise in.

Our network of ISO9001 accredited manufacturers ensure higher customer satisfaction, reduces product & services problems, and allows increased consistency in our business practices. Our focus is to supply quality products, at competitive prices, on-time all the time.