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The government has started to focus on the importance of mental health facilities over the last decade with new commitments in April 2015 being that treatment within 6 weeks for 75% of people referred to the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies programme, with 95% of people being treated within 18 weeks, treatment within 2 weeks for more than 50% of people experiencing a first episode of psychosis. In order to achieve these targets a substantial investment plan has been allocated to support more acute hospitals.

It has been accepted by the government that mental health has not been given the same attention, and support over the years as physical health, resulting in the government’s commitment to balance out both sectors, and ensure mental and physical health services are given equal priority by 2020.


With having over 10 years of experience, and of visited over 500 mental health properties we are very aware of the challenges faced by sector professionals. With all of our products we are happy to tailor them to suit our client’s individual needs, and also conduct site surveys to overcome site challenges.

The requirement for protection of TV Screens is a key consideration when providing TV or display screens in mental health units, our protective TV Protection Cabinets fully encapsulate screens removing the risk of a much valued resource becoming damaged.

Our radiator pipe boxing shields provide essential protection for radiators, valves and pipework whilst also allowing full access for maintenance. The innovative design deflects impact away from critical heating components, and also compliments the property by blending into the environment.

The importance of HVAC systems to ensure operational equipment works effectively, and the comfort of mental health service users is paramount. We have a great appreciation of requirement to provide innovative cost effective solutions to the NHS or private establishments. Our products are designed with customer’s in-mind, Clarke Delta air conditioning cages help prevent the much greater expense in replacing air conditioning units that become damaged, are vandalised, or at worst stolen.

Radiators are essential in ensuring the comfort of individuals whilst being treated for mental health issues, it is a key consideration to ensure both the safety of service users and staff. Working in conjunction with mental health professionals we have developed our full access Anti-ligature radiator guards that help promote a safe environment, by reducing ligature risks, reducing surface temperatures and also reducing the risk from falls.

Our knowledge of sheet metal fabrication and our specialism in the mental health sector allows us to continually innovate in providing a variety of solutions. We welcome the opportunity to provide our skills and expertise in overcoming products challenges.