Clarke Delta


The commercial sector has always been the hardest hit during an economic downturn, having overcome the double dip recession companies are encouraged by the impressive growth of the sector. Construction activity can be seen in force throughout major cities, the requirement for additional office space, mixed-use development, and regeneration of urban areas are all areas helping the sector prosper.


Current predictions are by 2020 around 40% of commercial floor area will be air conditioned, allowing for significant growth over the coming years. Our air conditioning cages will serve as protection for HVAC systems, and ensure both people and processes can continue to be operational.

It is becoming increasingly common for commercial buildings to have flat roofs, meaning the increased requirement for parapets to be finished with coping systems. Our Aluminium Coping System is a perfect fit to ensure parapets walls remain water tight.

Our technical expertise, and willingness to engage with our consumers ensures a collaborative approach to ensuring the best solutions are provided.