Clarke Delta
  • 1. LST Radiator Guards / Flat Top
  • 2. LST Radiator Guards / Flat Top
  • 3. LST Radiator Guards / Flat Top
  • 4. LST Radiator Guards / Flat Top / Exposed TRV
  • 5. LST Radiator Guards / Flat Top
  • 6. LST Radiator Guards / Sloping Top / Multiple Piece
  • 7. LST Radiator Guards / Detailed Cut-Outs
  • 8. LST Radiator Guards / Detailed Cut-Outs
  • 9. LST Radiator Guards / Sloping Top / Safety Cables


The most common method of heating buildings to ensure residents or service users are comfortable is by using hot water passing through pipework into radiators which radiate and convect heat into a room.

Radiators can reach temperatures in excess of 80°C, at temperatures of 60°C 3rd Degree burn full thickness injuries can occur with skin contact in 5 seconds. People most at risk are the very young, ill, and elderly who are at risk of falling against high temperature radiators or pipework.

In severe cases people have become trapped against radiators or hot pipe work, without the strength to pull themselves away. Countless deaths in care homes, residential, and public buildings have been attributed to uncovered radiators and pipework.

The risk with uncovered radiators does not just stop with burns or scalds, due to the sharp corners on radiators there is also a prominent risk of injury from falls into the radiators. Mental health properties also have the challenge of preventing service users using radiators as a ligature point. The potential injuries that can be sustained from uncovered radiators or pipework cannot be ignored.


Clarke Delta ® LST Radiator Guard’s which cover radiators, valves, and pipework whilst also allowing full access. Each cover is made to measure allowing for a variance in length, height, and depth of the radiator.

In environments where the spread of infection is significant, the full access door allows domestic staff to gain access for cleaning by simply turning the quarter turn locks and opening the door. The cleverly designed chamfered sides and top reduce injuries caused from falls. The chamfered design also allows for impact to be deflected away from the cover.

Mental health environments require covers to be tailored to suit, our Anti-ligature Radiator Guard has a special designed grill configuration to help prevent the radiator and valves being a ligature risk. Access to the radiator and valves is also controlled with our special anti-tamper locks. Upon request we can model our cover specifically to suit the most challenging environments, such as de-escalation rooms.

Our standard specification being anti-bacterial powder coated 1.5mm thick zintec in BS4800 00E55 Semi Gloss. Site consultations can also be completed to ensure customers receive the best possible solution for their requirements.


1) Slimmest full access radiator guard on the market: a 20mm reduction in depth.
2) Anti-bacterial powder coating proven to reduce the spread of bacteria.
3) Lateral movement – we have an improved locking system, which prevents lateral movement in the guard.
4) Chamfered top and sides to help reduce the impact of falls.
5) The door and frame run flush giving a stylish finish.
6) Robust construction using 1.5mm zintec coated mild steel.