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The government has made some extremely promising commitments to improve our nations transport infrastructure, with plans to invest £70 billion. Plans include the biggest investment in the rail network since the Victorian era, with a 5 year plan to invest £38 billion. A key additional will the completion of the Crossrail, the east-west rail line spanning across London, recognised as the largest infrastructure project in Europe.

Plans to invest £15 billion into the road network originally announced back in 2013, are being described as “roads revolution” for England. The plans are being announced as the most extensive improvements to roads since the 1970s, with 100 road improvement schemes and 1,300 new miles of extra lanes to motorways and A roads.

The government has also committed to a £4m scheme to fund “total transport” solutions in rural communities, this will allow local authorities to link up buses with community-generated forms of transport.


Consumers having been through a period of uncertainty are demanding more for their money, meaning that the transport sector must ensure comfort whilst using their services, HVAC systems are heavily relied upon to provide that comfort. Our air conditioning cages ensure external systems are protected from being damaged, vandalised, or at worst stolen. Our covers come in a range of sizes, finishes, and materials which can be selected in order to complement the environment.

It is important that service providers understand that legal duties when providing facilities to the public, protection of all service users is essential in ensuring visitors are not exposed to unnecessary risk. Hot radiators and pipework are potential hazards, our LST Radiator guards help provide a stylish solution to ensuring the safety of visitors.

The requirement for protection of TV Screens is also a key consideration when providing TV or display screens in high traffic areas. The use of TV’s and displays in the transport and infrastructure sector is vital in providing advertisement, information and entertainment. Our protective TV Protection Cabinets fully encapsulate screens removing the risk of a much-valued resource becoming damaged.

Our knowledge of sheet metal fabrications is also essential in creating bespoke solutions for the innovative demands of the Transport & Infrastructure sector.