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When we get phone calls from distraught mothers who are trying to provide a safe environment for their child with autism, or visit mental health units where yet another television has been ripped off the wall, we listen and start thinking what we should do to help.

On visits around hundreds of mental health units an array of different TV Protection cabinets can be seen. Models of TV Protection cabinets provide protection, but can reduce the sound to an extent that leaves listeners struggling to hear. In dementia care units with elderly residents, hearing problems can require televisions to be on maximum volume. In many situations maintenance staff have used the products on hand to create cabinets, as a solution until a more suitable product is available.

Plastic models of TV Protection cabinets can look very appealing, but can create ligature points around the frame. Protecting TV’s is important to maintain sensory stimulus, but also important to protect individuals from harming themselves.



Clarke Delta ® TV Protection Cabinets ensure that family members, and staff do not need to worry about the safety of service users or family members watching television. Our quick production lead-time means that we can provide TV Protection Cabinets that match your requirement, rather than providing stock sizes that can result in small television in large units.

Clarke Delta ® TV Protection Cabinets are a testament to the input from individuals trying to care for loved ones, estates staff looking for the most suitable products, and care staff ensuring individuals are well looked after.

Clarke Delta ® TV Protection Cabinets are continually improved with the feedback from our clients. In order to ensure that you are provided with the most effective TV Protection cabinets on the market, you are provided with the following features:



  1. Cleverly constructed sloping top and bottom – Reducing ligature risks.
  2. Robust construction – safeguarding individuals and televisions.
  3. Tough viewing screen – ensures TV Protection.
  4. Quick access – quarter turn security locks.
  5. Simple fixing system – quick installation.
  6. Ventilation grills – providing stable environment for televisions.
  7. Clear sound output – minimal reduction in output.
  8. Clamping system for viewing screen – allowing for quick replacement.


  1. Easier access and installation – removable front access door.
  2. Improved viewing experience – reduced frames and locks moved from front face.
  3. Better vent position – removing risks to the television from spilt drinks.
  4. Improved ventilation grills – Over 2000 punched vent holes.


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