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Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are essential in providing comfort for individuals. It is therefore vitally important to ensure these assets are protected. Clarke Delta air conditioning cages offer the perfect solution for protecting condensing units.

Air conditioning condensing units due to their external location are not only at risk from accidental damage, but are also at risk from vandalism or at worse theft. It is widely understood that air quality and temperature control provided by air conditioning units provides a more efficient working environment for the occupants, it is therefore an investment to ensure air conditioning cages are installed.

Temperature, humidity, and air quality are governed in many sectors by regulations or codes of practice. If an air conditioning unit was not working effectively, an entire business operation may need to be stopped.


The Clarke Delta air conditioning cages offer a reliable and robust solution to protect condensing units. Air conditioning cages are offered in a full spectrum of sizes, manufactured to suit our client’s setup. Cages are constructed from high quality materials. A complete front lockable access door allows for minimal effort to gain access when servicing condensing units, which helps reduce the amount of time taken, and ultimately reduces the cost to service.


1) Full range of sizes available, manufactured to suit your exact condensing unit.
2) Front access door, allowing quick access for servicing.
3) Simple installation process.
4) Cut out’s can be provided, no need for site cutting.
5) Robust construction using 1.5mm zintec coated mild steel