Clarke Delta


The standard of our country’s healthcare will always be a topic of debate in parliament, and one that always appears on our government priorities. The healthcare system has significant financial pressures, with people’s need for services continually growing faster than the funding available. The Health and Social Care Act 2012 outlined significant plans for changes in the NHS, widely considered the biggest changes since it was founded.


The importance of HVAC systems to ensure operational equipment works effectively, and the comfort of our nation’s ill is paramount. We have a great appreciation of requirement to provide innovative cost effective solutions to the NHS. Our products are designed with customer’s in-mind, Clarke Delta air conditioning cages help prevent the much greater expense in replacing air conditioning units that become damaged, are vandalised, or at worst stolen. Our radiator pipe boxing shields remove the risk of pipe work, radiators, and valves becoming damaged.

Whilst nursing patients back to health it is important to ensure safe environments, the vulnerable nature of ill patients means additional precautions must be in place. Legislation requires a duty of care in ensuring safe surface temperatures, many publications including the HSE document ‘HSIS6’ and ‘Safe’ hot water and surface temperatures NHS guidelines recommend the use of radiator guards. Our LST Radiator guards help give patients a safer environment, and can ultimately save lives.

Our knowledge of sheet metal fabrication is also essential in creating bespoke solutions for the innovative demands of the healthcare sector.