Clarke Delta


The recent government announcements committing to spend £6 billion on 277 more schools through the priority school building programme is a great sign for the sector. £4 billion will be allocated between 2015 and 2018 to schools. The priority school building program replaces the Building Schools for the Future (BSF) program with schools being built in less time, at more competitive rates.


Our products are all designed with our customers in mind. Products in high traffic areas are particularly susceptible to damage, our products due to their robust nature are well suited to the education sector. The structural integrity of components, and quality approach to manufacturing ensures products are designed with consideration to the service sector that they will be utilised in.

It is important to provide safe environments for a nation’s children, our LST radiator guards help prevent burns and scalds to children by fully encapsulating them. It is also important to stop the spread of illness within schools, our LST radiator guard come with an anti-bacterial coating which helps reduce the spread of infection.

Many new schools are constructed with flat roofs, our aluminium coping system provides a perfect solution to encapsulating parapet walls. Our TV Protection Cabinets allow for TV’s displays to be in position with the comfort of knowing the TV and students are safe. Air Conditioning Cages are also supplied to protect condensing units.

Our offer to provide technical support, and our inclination to communicate with our customers ensures that our products fulfil the demands of each sector.