Clarke Delta
  • Radiator Pipe Boxing Shield


In order to ensure residents or service users are at ease in properties, temperature control is a must. Heating systems consisting of hot water running through pipework and emitters, is the most common method of heating buildings within the United Kingdom. Radiator pipework can become damaged due to the movement of mobility aids and transport aids, the resulting water leaks that can occur create vast amounts of damage to the facilities.

Narrow corridors provide the perfect location for radiators, valves and pipework to become damaged, temperature can no longer become regulated when valves are not operational. The damaged pipework, and valves can be replaced but the chance of further damage is likely. The need for providing protection is critical, in preventing further damage.

The challenge is to provide a solution that does not create a trip hazard, allows access to valves, does not reduce available space, and does not look industrial. Methods of protection consist of bump rails that reduce the space available and become a trip hazard, or mismatched sections of metalwork used as a temporary solution whilst over methods are explored.


The Clarke Delta Radiator Pipe Boxing Shield is a revolutionary product that is cosmetically pleasing in design. The shield although robust in structure, gently blends into the environment. The tough outer face is designed so that impact is deflected away from radiators, valves and pipework.

The radiator pipe boxing shield is not only designed to be cosmetically appealing, but with installation and function in mind. The internal fixing bracket has pre-punched slots and cut outs so that the installation time is minimal. The fully removable front face allows for complete access to the radiator, and valves for adjustments or maintenance.

The radiator pipe boxing shield is coated with an antibacterial coating which helps prevent the spread of infection. Shield are coated in polyester powder coating, resulting in a robust finish which is recognised for its quality of coating. All radiator pipe boxing shields are made to measure, ensuring a perfect fit for our customer requirements.


1) Two part design allowing for access to valves.
2) Durable anti-bacterial powder coating.
3) Fixing are all hidden.
4) Flooring, and pipework cut-out’s can be provided.
5) Tough 2mm zintec materials protects valves and pipework.