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The retail sector has had substantial gains over recent years with a pattern of consecutive growth since 2008, this has reportedly contributed £90 billion to the UK economy. The factors helping to improve the retail sector include rising personal borrowing, PPI repayments, a competitive retail market, alongside reduced petrol and diesel prices.

The UK economy is widely effected by its trading partners, a barometer of the sector it both world commodity prices and retail prices which are both in decline, this is a sign of a lack of world demand. The UK seems to be bucking the overall trend, it is well documented that consumer confidence is a critical factor in the retail sector, and there is no doubt that the economy is in far better shape than it has been.


Consumers having been through a period of uncertainty are demanding more for their money, meaning that the hospitality and leisure industry must be creative in ensuring customers feel that they have received value for money. One of the key considerations is their comfort, which is where HVAC systems are heavily relied upon. Our air conditioning cages ensure external systems are protected.

The requirement for protection of TV Screens is also a key consideration when providing TV or display screens in high traffic areas, our protective TV Protection Cabinets fully encapsulate screens removing the risk of a much valued resource becoming damaged.

Many customer toilets in retail developments are required to have LST radiator guards, especially where the vulnerable are at risk from hot radiator surfaces.