Clarke Delta
  • Aluminium Coping System


Flat roofs became popular in the 1970’s, with people selecting them for a modern look. The materials and technology at the time gave flat roofs a bad reputation for leaking, and for expensive repair costs.

Advancements in materials and technology mean that flat roofs have had a revival in a far greater light. Proven systems for flat roofs are now installed with such confidents, that iconic buildings including The Shard have flat roof sections. Many flat roof systems offer insurance backed guarantees, ensuring peace of mind. It is popular on flat roofs for the exterior wall to extend above the roof, this is called a parapet wall. Parapet walls have many advantages, and can allow for a roof space to be used as a roof terrace or balcony.

The problem with parapet walls is that water can pass through the top of a parapet, and into the cavity. The resulting water ingress through the cavity, causes damp on the internal walls. Coping stones that sit on top of parapet walls, have mortar to fill the gaps. Mortar can crack overtime leaving gaps for water to ingress, creating damp on internal walls.


Our Clarke Delta Aluminium Coping System is an engineered designed solution to protect the integrity of flat roofs. All components are manufactured offsite, preventing the need for site creation. An engineered bracket is simply fixed to the top of the parapet wall, with profile lengths and accessories simply clipping into place over the bracket.

The joints between lengths and accessories do not require a further gap filling process. The creative design of the bracket system diverts water away from the cavity. The fully encapsulating system removes the requirement for visible fixings. Systems that require a mechanical fixing to pass through the face of the coping risk creating a point where water ingress can take place.


1) Extensive range of offsite manufactured accessories.
2) UK Manufacture.
3) Hidden fixings preventing water penetration. 
4) Simple engineered designed installation process.
5) Designed fixing bracket to enable water run-off.
6) Aluminium used is 100% recyclable, with 70% of aluminium ever produced still in use.
7) Light weight materials enables a quick, and efficient installation.
8) Aluminium has a high corrosion resistance.
9) Extensive lifespan up to 40 years in rural areas, and up to 25 years in coastal or industrial environments.