Clarke Delta

In July 2015 our founder Craig Clarke decided to stop talking about his business dreams, and start living them. The challenges were the same as any start-up, but the fear of not doing something scared him more. He thought, how could he bring up his young daughters and tell them to follow their dreams if he was not willing to do so himself. So that was it he registered Clarke Delta Ltd, and began the journey into the business world.

After two successful careers 9 years in the automotive industry as a production engineer, and 10 years in the construction industry as a contracts manager Craig was confident that these skills would provide a great foundation for developing products that challenge the existing market place.

The vision for the company is simple “collaborate with customers and create the best products” by becoming a single point of contact for their sheet metal fabrication needs, from external air conditioning cages to internal radiator pipe boxing shields. The product range would quickly grow around the solutions developed in partnership with our customers.

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