Clarke Delta


The hospitality and leisure industry includes a variety sub-sectors such as hotels, pubs and restaurants, travel and tourism, sport and leisure and gaming. The sector relies on the confidence of consumers to prosper, resulting in the need for innovation, quality and value. After prevailing through a number of years of economic inactivity, the hospitality and leisure sector is ready for a period of growth.


Consumers having been through a period of uncertainty are demanding more for their money, meaning that the hospitality and leisure industry must be creative in ensuring customers feel that they have received value for money. One of the key considerations is their comfort, which is where HVAC systems are heavily relied upon. Our air conditioning cages ensure external systems are protected.

The requirement for protection of TV Screens is also a key consideration when providing TV or display screens in high traffic areas, our protective TV Protection Cabinets fully encapsulate screens removing the risk of a much valued resource becoming damaged.

Any building that is open to the public, either as a privately run establishment or operated by a public organisation has a Duty of Care to ensure that visitors are not exposed to unnecessary risk. Hot radiators and pipework are potential hazards, our LST Radiator guards help provide a stylish solution to ensuring the safety of guests. Flat roofs on buildings are still at risk from leaks if the correct approach is not adopted, our aluminium coping system helps guarantee that parapet walls are watertight.

At Clarke Delta we are always enthusiastic to support our customers, as this helps further improve our products and offer. Our tailored products have the flexibility to be adjustment in order to suit the bespoke needs of our clients.