Clarke Delta
  • Antiligature Radiator Guards
  • Anti-Ligature TRV Cover
  • Smoke Detector Protective Cover
  • Anti Ligature Ventilation Grilles
  • TV Protection Cabinet

Sloping Top Anti Ligature Radiator Guard

Anti-Ligature Radiator Guards

Clarke Delta® offers Slimmest full access radiator guard on the market: a 20mm reduction in depth. All guards come with an anti-bacterial coating that reduces bacteria by up to 99.99%.

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Full Frame Anti-Ligature Radiator Guards

Clarke Delta® Full Frame Anti-Ligature Radiator Guards removes access to ligature points from radiators, pipework and valves as well as protecting from hot radiator surfaces.

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Anti-Ligature TRV CoversAnti Ligature TRV Cover

Clarke Delta® Anti-Ligature TRV Covers are designed to reduce the ligature risk and protect the TRV from being damaged. Hidden fixing prevent the TRV being tampered with.

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Anti-Ligature Ventilation Grilles

Clarke Delta® anti-ligature ventilation grilles are manufactured and designed specifically for the mental health sector.

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Smoke Detector Protective CoverAnti-Ligature Smoke Detector Protector

Clarke Delta® anti-ligature smoke detector protector not only protect smoke detectors but also reduce the risk of service users causing harm to themselves.

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TV Protection Cabinet

TV Protection Cabinet

Clarke Delta® TV Protection Cabinet provides an excellent method of protecting TV’s, by fully encapsulating the TV within a stylish cabinet.

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