Clarke Delta
  • TV Protection Cabinet


Watching television is a national habit, and also a perfect activity for entertaining individuals or for a group of people. Recent surveys show that a quarter of the population in the United Kingdom list watching TV as their favourite pastime, which shows the importance in providing televisions in facilities.

In challenging environments, some of the most relax periods are when favourite programs are being shown on television, this shows how critical TV equipment is. Although the casing of many televisions provides some degree of protection, connection ports, and the front display screen are far more susceptible to damage.

In high traffic areas televisions can be subjected to accidental damage, simply spilling a cup of tea over a television can prove fatal. An operational television is seen as an expected facility in many environments.


The Clarke Delta TV Protection Cabinet provides an excellent method of protecting TV’s, by fully encapsulating the TV within a stylish cabinet. The robust cabinet is manufactured from quality robust materials, and coated with an antibacterial polyester powder coating. The front panel in the cabinet is polycarbonate which is fifteen times stronger than glass, giving the confidence that the television will be safe in the most challenging environments.

A complete access door is also provided giving quick access to the TV. In order to allow sufficient cooling and air circulation for the TV, grilles are included in the stylish design. Hidden fixing holes are provided, to ensure easy installation of the TV Protection Cabinet. All Clarke Delta TV Protection Cabinets are manufactured to suit, meaning that you have the freedom to select a TV Protection Cabinet to suit your TV.


1) Slimline design ensures effective space utilisation.
2) Quick access door with security locks, allowing only authorised access.
3) Ventilation grilles ensuring the TV’s or display screens stay cool.
4) Sloping top and base ensuring ligature points are reduced. 
5) Sized to suit exact model of screen – no need to purchase an oversized cabinet.
6) Polycarbonate viewing screen – withstand high levels of impact.
7) Resilient construction ensuring the most challenging behaviour is overcome.
8) Durable powder coated finish giving an aesthetically pleasing finish.