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In order to regulate temperature within healthcare properties Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV’s) are commonly used on heating systems. In mental health facilities giving service users the ability to control their own temperature can create problems.

TRV’s can be susceptible to damage due to their position and plastic bodies. Exposed TRV’s are often viewed as ligature points, which must be eliminated to ensure the welfare of service users. Although it is deemed important to give service users control of their environment, it is also important to address the potential risks.



Clarke Delta® Anti-ligature TRV Covers are designed to protect TRV’s from damage, and also reduce the risk of TRV’s being used as ligature points. Anti-ligature TRV Covers come in two models:

1. Type 1 – Wall mounted.
2. Type 2 – Guard Mounted.

Guard mounted Anti-ligature TRV Covers are designed to fit onto Clarke Delta® Anti-ligature Radiator Guards, whilst Wall mounted Anti-ligature TRV Covers are designed to be wall mounted. Both options of Anti-ligature TRV Cover provide a secure housing for TRV’s to sit protected inside.

The design allows for a minimal amount of TRV head to be exposed, which reduces the ligature risk and also reduces the opportunity to damage the TRV head.



  1. Designed to reduce ligature risk with TRV’s.
  2. Encloses TRV’s to protect against damage.
  3. Tough metal design.
  4. Sloping sides reduce the ligature risk.
  5. Hidden fixings help prevent covers been tampered with.
  6. Fully finish design means no site finishing.
  7. Hygienic anti-bacterial coating.
  8. Ventilation holes for accurate temperate sensing.

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