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Smoke detectors are typically targeted in mental health units due to the disruption caused when a false alarm occurs. Smoke detectors that are vandalised not only disturb mental health wards, support functions such as estates departments are also involved to repair the damaged smoke detectors. If smoke detectors are not working due to vandalism the risk to occupants can be catastrophic, smoke detectors are vital in raising awareness when fires start.

Once it is known that a typical ward item such as smoke detector can easily be vandalised, the damage is often repeated. Estates and maintenance staff can find themselves continually replacing products not suitable for the mental health environment, due to more suitable products not being available on the market place.

Smoke detectors come in two main types: Optical are most suitable for sensing smouldering items Ion are most suitable for sensing flames..



Clarke Delta® Anti-ligature Smoke Detector Protectors not only protect smoke detectors, but also reduce the risk of service users causing harm to themselves. Punched holes on five sides of the anti-ligature smoke detector protector enable the smoke detectors to function effectively. Smoke detector testers can, and should always be used once an anti-ligature smoke detector has been installed.

Clarke Delta® Anti-ligature Smoke Detector Protectors have been developed with support of mental health professionals that are not content with installing products that are likely to fail, and who demand products that are created to overcome challenges within the mental health sector. The Clarke Delta® Anti-ligature Smoke Detector Protector addresses both the risk to service users, and to equipment whilst also looking elegant in appearance.



1. Designed to protect smoke detectors from damage.
2. Reduces the risk of smoke detectors being used as a ligature point.
3. Solid metal structure gives greater impact resistance.
4. Holes for sensing on all five sides helps ensure correct operation of smoke detector.
5. Detachable front face allows access for maintenance.
6. Sloping slides cause ligature material to simply slide off.
7. Powder coated finish gives an appealing look.

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