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As with all of our site consultations we are always looking for the feedback from sector professionals, the people that spend the most time in an environment are more than aware of the challenges faced designing anti-ligature products. Products are often the same as medicines in the mental health environment, when one problem is addressed another side effect occurs.

When we hear the same comments echoed throughout the mental health industry, we know another designed solution is required. Our specialism in the custom manufacture of goods means that we excel in the development of new innovative solutions.

Mental health experts advised that when the walls of their building do not run true, a gap is left between anti-ligature radiator guards and the walls behind. Anti-pick mastic is often used to fill any gaps, having a fixed guard was not an option as maintenance and cleaning operations require a full access anti-ligature radiator guard.



Clarke Delta® Ltd using their knowledge of lean manufacturing, rapid prototyping techniques and by listening to our customers have pushed the boundaries of providing a full access anti-ligature radiator guard whilst also overcoming any concerns about gaps between the guard and the surrounding walls.

A stylish anti-ligature radiator guard with a full frame has been engineered, whilst also still providing the quick access technology. Through a methodical design process a new back rail has been added to the door frame, giving additional fixing points and improved access door support. Clarke Delta® Ltd not willing to compromise on providing all the same feature benefits as their anti-ligature radiator guard, have kept all of the original anti-ligature guard benefits and have included extras to ensure continued customer satisfaction.



  1. Removes access to ligature points from radiators, pipework and valves.
  2. Reduces the risk of burns against hot radiator surfaces.
  3. Minimises the impact of falls against sharp radiator corner.
  4. An abundance of fixing points ensures a secure installation.
  5. A full framework where anti-pick mastic can be applied – reduces ligature points.
  6. Solid construction ensuring a prolonged service life.
  7. Attractive looks rejuvenate existing radiators.
  8. Allows quick access for cleaning and maintenance to be conducted.

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