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Standard plastic or even metal ventilation grilles are not suitable for mental health environments. The structural design, and the grille openings can create difficult situations for staff and service users. Plastic grilles can be broken into sharp instruments creating a risk to service users and mental health staff.

The ceiling or wall position of ventilation grilles means that their openings can be used to create a ligature point, this is especially dangerous in areas where suicide attempts are less likely to be seen. Many designs of ventilation grilles are not manufactured to withstand the challenges within a mental health unit.

Standard ventilation grilles that are robust, can also look unsightly and can be difficult to clean.



Clarke Delta® anti-ligature ventilation grilles are manufactured and designed specifically for the mental health sector. Perforated holes allow for air to be passed through the grille area, whilst also restricting thread or foreign objects being passed through to be used as a ligature point.

Clarke Delta® anti-ligature ventilation grilles are built using quality materials proven for use within mental health facilities. Hygiene and maintenance have also been considered, with the anti-ligature ventilation grilles allowing quick access for cleaning the grille area from contamination. Anti-bacterial powder coating also adds to the hygienic solution.

The detectable grille section is held in place with security screws, which can be quickly removed using the appropriate security tool. Anti-pick mastic can be applied to the main frame, and is completely undisturbed when the grille face is removed for maintenance or cleaning.



  1. Designed specifically for mental health environments.
  2. Reduces the ligature risk from open grille types on standard ventilation grilles.
  3. Stylish design looks pleasant in mental health facilities.
  4. Anti-bacterial powder coating helps prevent the spread of harmful bacteria.
  5. Quick access for cleaning or maintenance without damaging paintwork or anti-pick mastic seal.
  6. Tough structure using quality material, helps withstand impact.
  7. Hidden wall fixings, with security fixings to remove the front grille.

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