Clarke Delta

Our product benefit documents give a full justification products in our range.

LST Radiator Guard Benefits

* Introducing the slimmest, full access radiator guards on the market.
* Domestic personnel can open hassle-free – No need to call in estates or technical staff.
* With easy accessibility for cleaning and an anti-bacterial coating, there’s less risk of spreading infection.
* The vulnerable stay safe with low surface temperatures and all sharp edges are covered.
* Anti-ligature designs are available too
* Boasting an efficient grill design and robust construction, you can
enjoy saving space, time AND money.

Why use Clarke Delta on Your Project?

* Engineered Designed Products – Our products are always designed with you
the customer in-mind.
* Bespoke Manufacture – All our products are manufactured bespoke to give you the best solution to your problems.
* ISO9001 Manufacturer – Quality is a key ingredient to ensure success, that’s why we manufacture our products using proven and reliable techniques.
* Efficient Installation – Products are individually detailed, considering the
installation process.
* Offsite Detailing – Where possible cut-outs are completed in manufacture, giving a factory finish.
* Robust Materials – Quality materials and designs are utilised to ensure a long life expectancy, which our customers deserve.
* Environmentally Friendly – Mild steel used to manufacture our products has a
high intrinsic value supported by a well developed and efficient scrap collection
*Technical Support – We enjoy engaging with our customers, as it helps provide the best service and solutions.

A sophisticated approach to anti-ligature radiator guards

* A modernistic look that blends gently into the environment.
* Cleaning can easily be undertaken by domestic staff, through a full access door which is secured against access from service users.
* The well-being of service users has also been considered with an anti-bacterial coating that reduces bacteria on radiators by up to 90%.
* The fully formed anti-ligature grill design follows the complete profile of the guard, removing a potential hotspot.
* The sloping top design complies with best practice guidelines, preventing the top becoming a ledge to stand-on.
* Our free consultations, and adaptable approach to our offer ensures our customers satisfaction.

LST radiator guards are ideal for hospitals, care homes, schools, and nurseries.

* The guards reduce bacteria on radiators by up to 90% using an anti-bacterial coating and the simple design.
* Helps protect valves against tampering, whilst also allowing authorised people complete access.
*Stylish chamfered sides and top help cover sharp edges on radiators or valves.
* The vogueish design gives new life to old dreary looking radiators,
improving the overall appearance within areas.
*The efficient grill design also prevents fingers, and consumables such as pencils being pushed into the radiator guard.
* Full technical support is available with all products.